Thursday, 5 January 2012

WIP Wednesday: more new projects?

I have had a few finishes since last WIP Wednesday

My daughter Zoe's 1001 Peeps quilt (her Christmas present)

My Charmed Prints QAL quilt for my nephew's Christmas present (note - will NOT be pebble quilting again for a looooong time)

And a non-quilty finish (my sister's Christmas present):

And two start to finishes as well:

Willow Wren quilt:

Boys at play quilt:

New Projects:
I really should be getting some things finished rather than start new projects, but I just can't help myself. Hence my WIP pile is getting out of control (not to mention my piles of fabrics heaped up all over my sewing room, ready to finish said WIPs). I hereby vow NOT to start anything new until these projects are finished.

High Seas quilt (from Lizzy House's Five Magical Projects book). I've made five blocks so far:

The first two will probably have to be redone - the light green is Kona Green Tea, and I've actually decided to replace it with more Kona Snow because its actually a fair bit darker than I first imagined. Also it took me a few blocks to get the size right and get my points lined up right. After the first few blocks I had an 'ah-ha' moment, and I'm now squaring up and trimming them down between each addition of sets of triangles.

I've also started my Sew Happy Quilt QAL blocks.
My fabric choices:

My woven block:

No Progress:

Modern BOM quilt
Japanese sampler quilt
Pop garden quilt
Fandango quilt

Started (and finished!) since last WIP wednesday - 2 

Completed projects: 2

New projects: 2

Happy stitching, 


Something Wilde said... much to admire here! I really love those high seas blocks. Good luck with your projects!

Lisaleh said...

My goodness, so much progress here! I'd already seen the Sew. Happy. Quilt. blocks on Flickr (awesome) and I am LOVING your 1001 Peeps quilt. It's FABULOUS!!! I'm pinning it on my "wow worthy quilts" board.

Andy said...

I love that 1001 peeps quilt. It makes me wish I had a good excuse to sew with more pinks and purples.

Toni said...

You have been so productive! All your quilts are beautiful and I especially love the Peeps one. Great work!

Barb said...

Your quilts are totally fabulous!!!