Monday, 16 January 2012

Fabric stashing - Lizzy House

Ok firstly I apologise for the self-indulgent post. I just love these fabrics SO much I wanted to share their awesomeness.

I admittedly have a serious addiction when it comes to fabric. One of my favorite designers is Lizzy House, and I've recently stocked up on a good chunk of her prints. I received these packages today and had to take some photos of their absolute gloriousness before I cut them (although I really will be finishing some WIPs first... really!)

In my fabric stalking last week, I noticed Julie at The Intrepid Thread had (and still has!) 30% off Outfoxed in her shop. What could I do but grab a FQ bundle? It got here super-quick too :-)

Just before Christmas Peg and Becca at Sew Fresh Fabrics had a great postage deal ($7 for an unlimited amount - being in Australia means postage is usually the real catch when ordering fabric. $7 is cheaper than it is to get fabric from within Australia - booyah!) So I managed to convince my other half (and supplier of fabric buying cash ;) ) that I really needed some more Lizzy House. Cue a half-yard bundle of 1001 peeps (and a few larger pieces) - the intention being to make Diamond Mountain - Lizzy did a quilt along with video posts for it, which makes the whole thing seem far less scary.

Last but not least, a FQ bundle of most of the Castle Peeps range (also from Sew Fresh Fabrics). This will probably become a quilt for one of my boys...

And finally all my Lizzy House together. Sigh. So lovely.

I'm just going to go and stare at these a while longer now. And then keep sewing my Swoon blocks. And then maybe look at them some more...



Danny said...

I just love Lizzy House!

Lisa Johnson said...

I just came over from the QAL to look around and had to laugh I bought so much fabric over the holidays and stashed it away because of SALES! SALES! My husband called me a squirrel. I made a resolution not to buy any for 6 months. I pop in here and see someone is kind of like me . I love fabric too. I think it is an addiction. Haha