Sunday, 22 January 2012

What a week.

Last week is a week I hope I'll never have to repeat. Ever. Everything was going swimmingly on Monday - I even managed to sneakily cut two more Swoon blocks while my kids were happily playing. We have school holidays happening in our neck of the woods for another 5 weeks or so, so my daytime sewing time is rare, and this does NOT happen very often - the kids-happily-playing-and-me-quilting thing. Anyhoo, I managed to get both the blocks cut, and then sewed all my HSTs and flying geese together that night.

Tuesday started out okay. Until lunchtime when I started to feel pretty dodgy. By that night I knew I wasn't well when I hit my bed at 9pm without even touching my sewing machine. Then Wednesday things went downhill fast. I could barely talk, I couldn't swallow anything (even saliva) without feeling like I was swallowing razor blades, and I definitely couldn't eat. My throat and neck swelled up massively and I slept all day (thanks to my wonderful parents who looked after my boys for the day). Thursday was the same, but I still thought I'd give my body a chance to fight whatever it was.

Friday I asked my lovely man to take the day off work (he's never been able to before, either being too flat out or interstate) and he did. Can I just say (and other stay at home mums have most likely experienced this very thing quite a lot) it is the most amazing thing to be sick and just be able to sleep, and not have to look after other small people? I felt so relieved that I could just be sick and not have to be responsible, and actually have someone doting on me (like when I was small, and my mum would look after me :) ) He took me to the doctor who took one brief look at my throat and declared 'that's one awful throat infection' and started I (painfully) taking massive antibiotics. They kicked in by Saturday night, and I'm feeling pretty good now. Still sore throat, but I can actually eat again and have a bit of energy.

I still have a pile of HSTs and flying geese that need to be put together, but that'll happen this week. As well as all my other WIPs which will hopefully get some work done on them.

Hope every one is well

xx Jess

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Pat said...

Oh dear, I hope you stay on the road to recovery and no one else in your family get "it"! Take care!