Saturday, 14 January 2012

My first Swoon block

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last week, you're probably aware that Katy is holding a Swoon QAL over at her blog I'm a Ginger Monkey. I tried to resist. I really did. I lasted all of three days infact, before I caved and bought the pattern. 

So yesterday I spent a ridiculous amount of time sorting through my stash trying to come up with 18 fabrics that worked well together. I failed miserably - mainly because I was just choosing fabrics that I love, but that really didn't work well together. So I packed them all away, and then for some reason thought 'perhaps my tufted tweets would work?'. 

Cue manic pulling out of fabric again, finding a few coordinating other prints and laying them out on my bed. I came up with a plan I was happy with very quickly (forgetting how much time I had wasted with my previous stash fondling) and cut and started sewing my first block last night. Forgive the terrible photo - there's a lot of tufted tweets (I managed to get a piece of all except for couches in purple, and seats in sorbet), some Mingle by Monaluna, squiggly flowers by Saffron Craig, eggs by Momo, and lots of Kona solids in coordinating colours (not sure which ones exactly and I'm too lazy to get out my colour card :) )

Here is block one in all its glory (night time photo so not the greatest sorry!):

This one took me hours (like about 6 with cutting time). I'm hoping I get a bit faster at them, but it was so rewarding to have it work pretty much perfectly (not all the points line up but they're close enough!) I'm not sure how square it is either - but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. 

I'm trying to decide whether to make a couple more this weekend (my other half has kindly donated sewing time tomorrow - yay!) or whether to finish the High Seas quilt top.... or maybe both if I don't sleep?

xx Jess


Melissa said...

WOW! Looks great! I love the color you chose for the solid, it really makes the prints pop!

Lauren said...

I'm so excited to see this! I pulled out my Tufted Tweets for this qal also, but was not sure how they would work. Now that I see how great this block turned out, I feel a lot more confident about going ahead with it! Thanks for the inspiration!

Kirsten N said...

Wonderful block - love the blue solid too:)

ScissorsandThread said...

This looks fab!

Jessica said...

This block is fantastic!