Monday, 9 January 2012

A completely awesome quilty day!

I really, really wish every day could be as pants-wettingly exciting as today. I really do.

First, when I went out to the letter box this morning I found a super exciting package waiting for me:

I have been hardcore lusting after these fabrics since they were released, so when I found some of them on sale on Etsy I couldn't resist. Now however, I am seriously going to have to get my hands on some more. The linen/cotton blend is just SO lovely and soft and the colours are just superb. I just need to think up what will do them justice...

Second (well it didn't really happen today - it was on Saturday) the lovely ladies over at Quiltstory contacted me to ask if I'd mind having this quilt featured on their blog. Well. After jumping around the room more than once, I promptly replied 'yes, of course?' and so now I can put this lovely button on my sidebar!

Woohoo! I'm still excited (and kind of in shock to be honest!)

Third, when I was doing a bit of blog reading this evening, I discovered that the lovely Kate Conklin had also put a picture of my 1001 peeps quilt on her blog. Again, shock and excitement. 

Still a bit jumpy and can't stop smiling :)

xx Jess


Monkeysinmypocket said...

Congratulations! That is pants wettingly exciting!

Toni said...

Congratulations! Very exciting and well-deserved!

Di @ Willowbeck Designs said...

I bet you are still smiling. Many congratulations. Di xo

moira said...

Well done. And I am dead jealous of the melody miller fabric - looks like my fabric diet is about to end!

Quiltstory said...

Thanks again for letting us feature you Jess!! Great quilts!! :)