Sunday 22 June 2014

Welcome Polka Dot Tea and a new Liberty Club

I am so excited to welcome a new sponsor to my blog - Polka Dot Tea, an Australian based fabric shop run by Danielle and Jeannette. Polka Dot Tea stocks a beautiful range of Japanese designer fabrics, including heaps of fantastic low volume prints, from designers such as Yuwa and Kei.

They also stock a fantastic range of the beautiful Cotton Couture solids, including these rainbow bundles. As I mentioned the other day, these are the solids I'm using for my Giant Chevron QAL quilt, and they are absolutely divine.  

Most exciting of all, Polka Dot Tea have just announced a new Liberty Club. You can choose to sign up to receive either a fat sixteenth or a fat eighth bundle of eight different hand picked Liberty fabrics, which will be sent monthly. You can head over to Polka Dot Tea to read all about it, and subscribe - it will be a subscription-only club with a limited number of places. It is a wonderful way to grow your Liberty stash - at the end of every three continuous months of membership, you will be sent a bonus piece, so by the end of twelve months you will have 100 different Liberty fabrics. I'm very glad my fabric fast is nearly over ;o)  

I hope you had a great weekend! We have two weeks of school left before holidays, so I'm hoping to get a heap of stuff done this week :o)

xx Jess