My Patterns

Clicking the title above the images of my quilt patterns will take you through to my Payhip shop where you can purchase my patterns.

Starjump Quilt Pattern

Starjump is a fat quarter friendly pattern with three size options. The secondary patterns created when these blocks are placed side by side give it an enormous amount of visual interest.

Roundabout Quilt Pattern

Roundabout uses a combination of paper piecing and rotary cutting to create a quilt with a huge amount of movement and interest.

The BlockFlower quilt is a fat quarter friendly pattern, and the perfect quilt to use those large scale prints you're unsure what to do with. 

Giant Chevron Quilt Pattern 

Giant Chevron is a beginner friendly quilt pattern, or a quick and easy quilt for more advanced quilters. It is a pre-cut friendly pattern, and can be made using either a charm pack (baby size) or layer cake (lap and twin size). The dynamic, modern design makes it a visually appealing quilt, and would be perfect for girls or guys. 


Viddy said...

Hi Jess, I read your comment on bernina440 review re needles Schmitz stepp Nadal quilting needles. How different are they from blue tip or sharp needles. Do you use your 440 for stippling.? Do you believe in the BSR factor of Bernina. I'm thinking of getting Bernina with large harp and having lesson tomorrow with Deborah Louie in Ballarat!!
Is this the only contact for you through this post on elven garden. I live in Melbourne. Thanks heaps

Unknown said...

Hi! I was wondering if you had the pattern for your Tesseract quilt?

Ally Bergnaum said...

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