Sunday 9 June 2013

Coming soon to a blog near you

There are a bunch of bloggy happenings going on in June, some of which I'm taking part in. I mentioned Alyce's Kate Spain Blog Hop the other day, which is happening from now until the end of June.

Beth of Plum and June is hosting another Let's Get Acquainted series for 2013. I participated in the series last year as a newbie blogger, and it was a really great way to find some new blogs and connect with other crafty people in blogland. The full schedule can be found here - it's running from now through to the end of July.

As part of the series, Beth has asked me to do an advice for new bloggers post. I said yes pretty quickly, and then started freaking out a bit. I have a few ideas about what to talk about, but I thought I'd ask you guys if there is anything in particular you're interested in? I thought I'd cover a bit about my experience with running a QAL and a bit on building your readership, but other than that I'm pretty stumped. Questions on a postcard please :o)

Another one starting soon is the Prism QAL being hosted by Amy who blogs at 13 Spools (formerly The Cute Life). The QAL is making Faith's fabulous Prism quilt and there are a bunch of fantastic prizes up for grabs.

It's a paper pieced pattern, so Amy has also organised a Paper Pieced Meet and Greet (starting on the 15th June with yours truly).

And last but certainly not least, the Colour Theory for Quilters series kicks off here tomorrow, with an awesome post by the fabulous Molli Sparkles. There will be a proper button tomorrow - thanks to Molli for designing the image :o)

Happy hopping!

xx Jess


Katy Cameron said...

Never mind colour therapy, I think you might need therapy in general after all that lot ;o)

Maybe in your new bloggers things you could mention how rude it is to demand that people come and read their new blog in comments on your blog...

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Going to check out the Prism quilt now!
I like Katy's suggestion LOL I don't have any tips really, maybe try to be consistent (not something I am very good at) and If you start something, like a QAL, you really need to finish it! I have had that happen to me....the final instructions have never been posted, not real nice to be left hanging with a half finished quilt!

Susan at said...

Wow! Busy month! I dont have any questions really so I guess I'm not much help. Looking forward to whats coming up!

Annabella said...

I third Katy's suggestion too. Also, I noticed while hosting LGA last week that nearly all the new bloggers had word verification on - they need to turn it off o/w no-one is going to come visit :) The other thing is - I'm really put off by blogs with bad photos or blogs with tiny photos which you can't see...and blogs with hideous backgrounds so they need to play with the layout a bit. What else? I think that's it.

Annabella said...

Hmm, I know the point of your post isn't about blog etiquette but struggling to think of other more positive things - will go to bed now :)

amy said...

Thanks so much for the shout out, Jess!!

kelli said...

How about all of the blog buttons... How to grab one and insert it in a post on my blog, why should I (or shouldn't I) grab one, and how to create one. I'm stumped!