Monday 27 February 2012

Fabric Stashing - Melody Miller

I think Melody Miller might be an actual genius. I have been fairly besotted with her fabrics since I first saw them, and have been gradually collecting her prints over the last few months. I posted these a while ago:

And they are just so gorgeous, and different and funky that when Ruby Star Shining was released I was desperate to get some. Problem was, by the time I organised myself enough, the gorgeous typewriter prints had sold out :( What else to do but console myself by ordering (most of) the other prints in the collection.

And then by glad coincidence, a few weeks ago Melody tweeted that Miss Matabi on etsy had just gotten some typewriters in, so ordered some of these.

And I'm so glad I did. I feel my life is now complete (no, seriously I do - they are the most lush fabrics I have ever laid eyes on!) I'm seeing quite a few pillows, zippy pouches and maybe a quilt on my horizons. If I can bring myself to actually cut these up :p

xx Jess


Danny Heyen said...

I love Melody Miller too! Such great fabric!

moira said...

I have a massive crush on all things melody miller and can't bring myself to cut into the fabric that I have either :)

Lucy | Charm About You said...

I agree gorgeous!! I don't have any but those typewriters are just amazing!!

Katy Cameron said...

They're all so gorgeous, aren't they? I have some of those typewriters carefully squirelled away ;o)