Saturday 8 December 2012

{QAL} Putting your quilt top together

Ok troops! How is everyone going with the QAL blocks? I've hit a wall unfortunately (the sewing machine saga continues - and due to needing a replacement part, my machine won't be back in my possession until at least the end of next week) so I haven't quite finished my blocks... If you're in the same boat and don't think you'll get them all done - don't panic! Jess has put together a couple of potential layouts for smaller lap sized quilts - and there is a whole prize category for smaller quilts, so you could still enter! For each of these, the block options are endless. Both of these quilts finish at 45" x 50 without the border.

Modern sampler:

Traditional sampler:

Thankfully my better half in the QAL has done an amazing job and finished all her blocks, pieced them into the quilt top (and quilted it - but we won't mention that too loudly ;o) ). Jess has written an incredibly detailed post about putting it all together - you can read all about it over at Scrappy 'n' Happy :o)

I've stolen Jess's quilt photo because it's just gorgeous.

I'd love to know how you're all going. Do you think you'll finish the whole Twin quilt? Are you planning on making a lap quilt, or smaller quilted item?

I'll be back next week with some ideas on quilting it. I won't be able to show you any actual quilting on my quilt unfortunately, but I'll be sharing my process for deciding on how to quilt and will probably show a bit of quilty eye candy :o)

Oh, and I'll be announcing the SMS Giveaway Day winner later tonight (if I don't fall in a heap first!!)

Stay tuned for Monday as well - I have a mahusive Aurifil giveaway starting!

xx Jess


Lucy | Charm About You said...

Wow Jess is way ahead and it looks gorgeous! I'm still block making but intend to make a full twin :)

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

There are a couple of others who have finished their tops, which you can see in the flickr group, and they are awesome! I think everyone has done a great job trying to keep up, it is a pretty intense QAL!

Katy Cameron said...

Oh dear, hope the machine is back in your possession without any further issues next week!

Jenny Wren said...

I usually use Gutermann however I have just discovered Aurifil! My new fav!