Friday 5 October 2012

{QAL} Block 11 - Tippecanoe

The block for this week in the How Far Will You Go QAL is called Tippecanoe. It's another 5" block (so 5.5" unfinished) and this one is paper pieced - although this one is way easier than the St Louis Star block we did a few weeks ago. I'll show you my method for paper piecing which is totally amateur (I'm self taught), but it seems to work :o)

Oh, I do remember I mentioned a giveaway a few weeks ago - I'm still trying to decide what to giveaway. Would a rainbow FQ bundle be appealing? Or a neutral FQ bundle? Charm pack? Give me some ideas, and I'll come up with something!

On to the tutorial - there are four of these blocks in the full quilt - they're a lot of fun to make, and I've actually already started a small side project using these blocks :o)

As this is a foundation paper pieced block, you'll need to print out your templates. You can download them here - I'd suggest downloading and then printing so you can make sure they print without page scaling.

Each of the four sections should measure exactly 3" square (including seam allowance). 

Cutting the Fabric:

Normally when I paper piece, I use the template to cut my pieces, leaving a generous 1/2" or so around each piece - so that is an option when you're cutting your pieces, and it will probably end up with less wastage. If you'd prefer to work with rectangles, these are the measurements I used - there was a fair bit of waste fabric. I'm not especially experienced with paper piecing - if you are you may get away with using smaller pieces in some instances.

The block I made for the tutorial uses only two fabrics - but there are several variations. These are the four blocks I made - you can see I've changed the centre triangles in some so I've used three fabrics. I actually just used scraps left over from the other blocks for these - I think they'd be a fantastic scrap busting block.

Anyway! On to the cutting. I changed a few of these measurements after cutting which is why the shapes don't necessarily match up with what they say ;o) - this goes for the tutorial photos as well. In most cases, the pieces you'll be using will have less waste.


Cut two 2" squares.
Cut four 2.5" x 3.5" rectangles.
And cut two 2" x 3.5" rectangles.

Fabric 1:

Cut four 2.5" x 3.25 -3.5" rectangles.
Cut two 2" squares - alternatively these can be cut from a different fabric (Fabric 2 or a totally different fabric)

Fabric 2:

Cut two 2" x 3.5" rectangles.

Piecing the Quadrants:

So, there are four quadrants in this block, and looking at the templates you'll notice that A and C are identical, as are B and D.

Starting with the A and C quadrants, place your Fabric 1 2.5" x 3.5" rectangle so the right side is facing away from the paper. Pin this temporarily (or some people use a tiny amount of glue - be careful with this, I've had disastrous results...).

Next take a background 2" x 3.5" rectangle. To position my next piece of fabric, I hold it up to the light with the paper toward me, and shuffle the next piece until it's roughly a 1/4" over the seam line, and it's evenly positioned either side - alternatively you can use Jess's excellent pin method.

Holding this carefully in place, I pin along the seam line - that way you can make sure it will cover where it needs to before sewing too :o)

Do the same thing for the B and D quadrants as well, but reversed. Place a background 2.5" x 3.5" rectangle behind the B1 corner, and place a Fabric 2 rectangle right sides together as you did for the A and C quadrants.

Reduce your stitch length to make it easier to remove the papers. Sew along the A1/A2 (etc) line on each of the quadrants - I do a few reverse stitches at both ends to help keep the seam firm when removing the papers.

Fold the paper back and trim 1/4 away from the fold (make sure you fold the bigger piece up - I accidentally trimmed a couple wrong at this stage...)

Press piece 2 over.

For the A and C quadrants, take another Fabric 1 2.5" x 3.5" rectangle, and place it right side toward the paper, again positioning it so it's 1/4" over the seam line. Carefully pin it in place.

 Do the same for the B and D quadrants, but you'll be using a 2.5" x 3.5" background rectangle.

Sew along the A2/A3 (etc) line on each quadrant

Flip the paper back and trim 1/4" away from the seam you just sewed.

Press the fabric over. It will look something like this (but with less excess).

For the A and C quadrants, next take a Print 2" square (fabric 1 here), and position it along the A2/A4 line.

For the B and D quadrants, take a background 2" square and position along the B2/D4 line.

Sew along this line, fold the paper back and trim 1/4" away.

Press this piece over.

Next trim your block - I use the edge of the paper as a guide.

 And you should have four quadrants something like this:

I leave the paper on when I sew my blocks together - but that's personal preference. You can remove the paper now or later. Either way it's simply a matter of sewing the four units together. Because I leave the paper on, I sew along the line rather than use my presser foot as a guide.
I pressed my seams open - due to the bulk in some places I think you'll have to press open.

Your finished block should measure 5.5".

I found these really fun to make - and am about to make some more :o)

Please let me know if you have any problems and as always please upload your finished blocks to the flickr group :o)

Have a great weekend! 

xx Jess


Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

The block looks great Jess!

Charlotte said...

eeep! that's such a cute block!!!!

Rosa said...

The blocks si just pretty.Once again I`m behind,hope to catch up again.

About the giveaway,I go with a rainbow FQ bundle.

Have a fun weekend!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love this block and can use up some of my scraps from the previous blocks with this. You did a lovely tute - I'm a self taught PP'er from way back. I am different - love neutrals, they can 'marry' fabrics together.

hueisei said...

Love the rainbow bundle :)
Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

Danny Heyen said...

Holy crap. This block is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Nat at Made in Home said...

Happy to have any FQ but rainbow sounds good. S that is the first bit. The tutorial is amazing! I have never done anything like this but definitely want to try now!

Sharon said...

Great block, these look fun. Thanks for the foundation pattern to download

FarahLin said...

Cute block, Jess. Can't wait to start on mine - great tutorial, by the way!

Would love the rainbow bundle...yummm.

Leanne said...

This is one of my favourite blocks, and I love how you have placed the colours.

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Love this block, and love rainbow fabrics, so if I'm going to win (!) I think the rainbow fabrics are the best giveaway!!! :-)

Ella said...

I'm still behind...planning to do a grand catch up post Sewing Summit!

Unknown said...

I can't get the PDF to download, any way you can share the link/file?