Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Bloggers Choice Fat Quarter Bundle

This was hard. Like, really hard. So many beautiful fabrics to choose from over at the Fat Quarter Shop - and I really didn't look through the whole shop I kind of chose my favorite designers/manufacturers. The colours I've chosen are a little outside my usual choices, but I love green, grey and purple so I'm pretty happy with what I ended up with (I think I had about 40 in my picasa album initially, and then whittled it down to these). 

I started with Ruby Star Spring and worked from there.

1. Ruby Star Spring Purple Bee and Lace Stripe Yardage SKU# JG-56100-102A, 2. Hyperreal Garden Flamingo Labyrinth Yardage SKU# HG-7409, 3. Nature Elements Moonbeam Yardage SKU# NE-108, 4. Oval Elements Chartreuse Yardage SKU# OE-907, 5. Pure Elements Cabernet Solid Yardage SKU# PE-400, 6. Pure Elements Verve Violet Solid Yardage SKU# PE-401, 7. Girls World Vibe Magenta Carrie Yardage SKU# PWJP058-MAGEN, 8. Taza Neutral Ribbon Damask Yardage SKU# PWDF110-NEUTR, 9. Heirloom Amethyst Blockade Blossom Yardage SKU# JD48-AMETH, 10. Oval Elements Crocus Yardage SKU# OE-908, 11. Prince Charming Olive Dew Drop Yardage SKU# TP12-OLIVE, 12. Garden District 54" Wide Green Cakewalk Yardage SKU# SAHB001-GREEN, 13. Heirloom Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum Yardage SKU# JD51-CHRYS, 14. Heirloom Blush Opal Yardage SKU# JD52-BLUSH, 15. Pure Elements Burnt Orange Solid Yardage SKU# PE-406


Marika said...

Hi !
I just wanted to let you know that we can't see the picture... But I'm sure it's really beautiful ! I did the challenge too and ended up with 25 fabrics !!

Pepe said...

Wow! I like purple with grey! Good idea!

Lisaleh said...

Oh, I just LOVE your choices! I've been putting off working on this but you may just have inspired me to get on it already!!!

daisy and jack said...

hey Jess - you must have good taste (I've just discovered we've used a few of the same fabrics!) - maybe its the tasmanian coming out !!