Wednesday 30 March 2016

Improv Quilt Beginnings

Almost as soon as I'd finished piecing my Gravity quilt top, I jumped feet first into my next quilty project - an improv quilt as a class sample for a series of improv workshops I'll be teaching at Frangipani Fabrics later this year. I've been busting to start this quilt for months, so it's SO nice to be able to start working on it. It was also a really nice excuse to cut into some new fabric - the bundle of Carkai I got very recently from Polka Dot Tea. I added lots more Carolyn Friedlander from my stash, along with a few friends.

I'll be teaching a range of improv techniques for these workshops, so I'm incorporating all of these techniques into this quilt. First up was log cabins.

And then wonky crosses, and inserting strips. I have not touched a ruler while making these blocks - and I don't think I can go back to using one for improv after this. This is such a fun and fast way to piece - and I just love the organic lines produced by ruler-free cutting.

I had a bit of time to start playing with strip piecing today - not the best photo I'm afraid, but I'm hoping to get a bunch more of these done later this week so I'll try to get a better one for my next update post on this quilt ;o).

Every time I make an improv quilt, it's like I rediscover how much joy and inspiration I get from working like this. I think you'll probably see quite a few improv quilts from me this year - this quilt has sparked heaps of ideas I'd like to try out when I get a chance!

xx Jess


Kelly O. said...

Very pretty!looking forward to seeing it evolve.

Debbie said...

love every last bit of this!

MariQuilts said...

The improv thing is rather addictive isn't it. I find myself wanting to use patterns less and less. It looks great!!!

Julierose said...

I love doing improv; just have trouble "visualizing" how to put all the pieces together...I guess that's from using patterns for so long...even though i always end up changing them before the quilt is finished... looking forward to seeing your finished improvs...hugs, Julierose

Kris said...

Wow love all your samples...especially the cabin like ones.
I don't know if you remember I messaged you recently about how your pics appear on the bloglovin reader? Have you had a chance to see what I am talking about? I just checked one of mine and it was all blurry and yours is today too. Any thoughts?

Carol said...

I love improv! And I love Carolyn's fabric. Can't wait to see more of your progress.

Lisa J. said...

Seeing all those fabrics at the top of the post make me realize I need way more light coloured fabrics in my stash. I really like the log cabin blocks.