Wednesday 5 November 2014

Spring Sling Bag

Over the last month I've managed to start four new quilts. That's ridiculous even for a serial project starter like me! I showed you one a few weeks ago (my StarJump quilt, which I'm in the process of writing up as a pattern) and if you follow me on IG you will have seen LOTS of photos of the second, a variation on Jaybird Quilts' Night Sky pattern. The quilt top is almost together so I'm hoping to be able to share it with you later this week :o)

I did take a short break from making quilts to put together a cute little bag last week though. This one is a class sample for a class I'll be teaching very soon at Frangipani Fabrics. It was a (mostly) fun and quick little project to put together. The pattern is by Janelle of Emmaline Bags, the genius designer behind the Necessary Clutch Wallet, and as with all her patterns it is very well written with lots of helpful photos. I love the method she uses for finishing the zip ends - it was really easy to do and gives the internal pocket such a professional looking finish.

This bag is absolutely perfect for quilters - it has a patchwork panel on the front flap, it's sewn entirely with a 1/4" seam allowance and is finished with binding (which is even handstitched to finish it!) There were a few firsts-for-me involved in making this bag - gussets, grommets and an adjustable strap. Thanks to a great pattern they were all pretty painless - although I have to admit there were a lot of few sweary moments putting the gussets in. Having said that, I think most of the problem was that I didn't use the right interfacing (I used a fusible fleece rather than Soft and Stable as recommended by the pattern - and didn't add interfacing which was recommended if using fusible fleece. So it's entirely my fault ;o) ) I did make a few other minor adjustments too - the hardware I used was slightly smaller than those recommended by the pattern, so the strap is 1/4" skinnier, but it still went together perfectly. Aside from the interfacing, the only thing I'd do differently next time is to make sure the binding join isn't right in the middle of the flap (not sure where my brain was when I made that decision!!)

 This one is living at Frangipani for a while, but I'm pretty sure I won't get to use it even once it's back in my possession. The wee one instantly declared it was hers (a given really, considering she is obsessed with rainbows), which just means I'll have to make another one for me :oD

I'm linking up with Sara's fabulous Purse Palooza :o)

xx Jess


Susan said...

I think you did a grand job with this bag! I think one of the reasons I don't make more bags is the need to source specific interfacing etc. In most shops here in Australia, you have to buy what's available! Good luck teaching this one! I hope you show some of your star student's efforts.

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

That's fab, no wonder little miss has claimed it!

Renee said...

Very cute! Love the quilty details on it!