Sunday 9 February 2014

When design decisions fail...

Thanks for your lovely comments on my Wild Goose Chase medallion earlier in the week. I've been mostly working on other projects since then, but did put together the blocks I thought I'd use for the second border. And then promptly fell completely out of love. Actually it's more a feeling of ambivalence verging on hate at the moment. This is a common problem for me - I will get completely obsessed with certain projects, and then if they don't work quite how I'd hoped I get really annoyed and stop. So I guess this post is me thinking aloud and trying to build up motivation to keep trying :o)

My intention for this quilt is to have quite a lot of negative space with splashes of colour provided by the various 'geese'. Having put these blocks together though, it isn't heading where I want it to. The biggest problem I see with these blocks is the size - I think they would look far, far better smaller (which is what I'll try next.) I also think a narrow grey border between the centre block and first border might be effective (something else I will play with). I'm not sure what possessed me to use the grey prints for the background either - I will probably be changing those to white or cream based light value prints for the next try. Any other ideas for making it work are very welcome!

On the plus side, I do have a bunch of blocks that I really like and that will make a good start toward another quilt. It will be fun to play around with the placement and see what secondary patterns I can create with the light/medium grey background prints. So maybe not a complete fail, just a disappointing set-back :o)

On a more positive note, I'll leave you with a little teaser...

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

xx Jess


Charlotte said...

yes! A border would be a great addition :-)

Darcy said...

I have that problem with getting frustrated and falling out of love with projects too - perhaps contributing to my massive WIP list ;-) I LOVE all the grey you used. Maybe use more (or just one) really bright solid and then have this block be off-set and the only one? Don't give up! It's too lovely :-)

Lucy | Charm About You said...

I agree, smaller triangles and white would better echo the centre. Keep going! :-)

Katy Cameron said...

I actually live everything except the corners, they're what really isn't doing it for me in the latest border

Katy Cameron said...
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Leanne said...

Don't give up, I really like it. I sort of agree with Katy, I wonder if you wanted to give some thought to a repeating corner motif (maybe just fussy cut flowers like your centre?) and if you added that first, you might like the rest better? I really want to play with medallion quilts because I think that they are so challenging so "see" how they will look.

blocksandmore said...

O.K. New Eyes ?
Flip the corner blocks so color is in and light gray is out ?
I love the center block ! I love its darker border.
Then you have kite (?) fabric, no border, triangle blocks ?
I'd maybe try another dark-ish border between .
Your doing great ! You'll find what works for you.
Happy Sunday

Melinda said...

I had come to the same decision as you - to change the grey print to white. Otherwise I think it's working really nicely. Have fun with it.

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Definitely turn the corners colour-side inwards, and tending to think that white would be better than the grey, but if you pop another of that darkest grey borders on you may feel better xxx

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Definitely turn the corners colour-side inwards, and tending to think that white would be better than the grey, but if you pop another of that darkest grey borders on you may feel better xxx

Ella said...

I like the idea of the grey, but it's coming out the wrong grey tone (given the browner gray in the wordy border bit). Also, what about different corners, like an economy block but on point?

Anonymous said...

I agree that this new border doesn't suit what you have so far, but I think it is lovely in and of itself. Perhaps you can keep it to border a different bloke in future.

Anonymous said...

block :D I meant BLOCK

DeborahGun said...

don't give up - the middle is so pretty! I think the outer border would look better without the grey - maybe with white the large triangles would look ok?

Dianne Neale said...

I think a grey border in between will make the triangle border look much better. I agree with Katy though - the corners are not helping!

Unknown said...

The first thing I learned when I began quilting is that to try not to look at something that doesn't work out as a mistake. Try and look at it as an opportunity to be more creative and grow. I hope this helps.

knottygnome said...

it's always interesting to hear about other people's processes. rather than frustration i often just get bored of repetition and that's what makes me set aside a project for long periods of time. even if it's something i've designed...if i make a few blocks then it's like, well i already know what it's going to look like so i don't wanna do it anymore.

Zenia Rene said...

I love the middle for sure. I like the idea of a narrow grey border betw the center block and 1st border. Also turning the border blocks where the color is on the outside. I also have a quilt that I'm in "hate" mode over. The Spring/Summer One Block Wonder Quilt I wrote about in this post:

Not sure when, but I'm definitely going to change the huge blue border and shorten the quilt overall. But for now, I'm "hating" it and it shall sit in the top of the closet until I feel like messing w/it again.

sarah elizabeth :: {no} hats said...

OOOoohhh when does the deciphering begin?! ;o)

moira said...

I know nothing but reckon the border idea is a go-er!

Anonymous said...

I think the problem with what you've posted is the hst corners. I think substituting a plain gray corner square would fix it. The way it is now,confuses the eye.

Nicky said...

You might have already done something but I'll add my say anyway - nothing wrong with the border - love the different scale as it adds to the depth but think it looks odd to you as it needs a dark skinny to make it belong or look finished - maybe that's the trick with these medallions - you just have to keep going and review your borders after adding the next

hydeeannsews said...

I have the same problem when designing as I go, too. it can be so frustrating after all the wonderful ideas to not see them translate. but I also love learning from the process. which might be what your teaser is about? I hope so! it's definitely piqued my interest. =) good luck with the stopped project!

Rebecca Lynne said...

Dude sometimes you need to just walk away from something...on the other hand sometimes you have to push yourself through it to see the big picture and be pleased at how it works out at the end. In both cases listening to your gut is the way to go! You have an amazing aesthetic and design talent so I am confident you will have an "aha" moment be it today, tomorrow, or next year. I can't wait to see when it happens and celebrate it with you! xo B

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