Tuesday 20 December 2011

1001 Peeps - a finished quilt (yay!!)

I am ridiculously proud of this quilt. I absolutely LOVE Lizzy House's fabrics, and 1001 Peeps is no exception - and it leant itself perfectly to this pattern. The pattern is Fussy Framed Fairytales by Kate Conklin, and it was really fun to make. I love the fact that it wastes virtually NO fabric, and the floating squares border is really cool.

I actually deviated a little from the pattern - I started with 10" squares rather than 10.5" squares, which is why my floating squares aren't quite set in the right spots at the corners - although I think they still look okay. Apart from 1001 peeps, I used Kona solids in blush, hibiscus, petal and PFD. I quilted it all over using an echo shell pattern - time consuming compared to stippling (it took about 10 hours to quilt), but I love the result. And the texture of the quilt is amazing. 

The binding is Kona blush, and it's machine stitched at back and front. Finished size is about 50" x 65" (approximately - haven't measured it properly yet...)
So I have my first finished Christmas present ready to wrap - 5 sleeps to go, four more gifts to finish off (panicking much?)



Anonymous said...

Oh wow, it's gorgeous !!

I've got one quilt to quilt/bind and another one to finish (5 blocks made, 7 to go!), a little pouch for my mom. It's not that much but christmas is coming fast !

Don't give up, I'm sure you'll have time to finish everything :)

Pat Merkle said...

OMG, your quilt is absolutely fabulous! I love it. I'm working on a 1001 peeps quilt too. I hope it comes out as good as yours!

Heather D. said...

Jess, I LOVE this!! It looks so great, and I really like your echo shell quilting. And how dare you say that my fussy frames quilt is nicer than yours because it's SO not true!