Saturday, 3 September 2011

Handmade Goodness

My baby girl turned one last weekend, and we had a small birthday party for her. Two of her presents were the most BEAUTIFUL handmade toys, thanks to my very clever friend Kelly and my wonderful sister Elspeth.

Forgive the dodgy photos (they were taken with the flash on my camera, so don't really do these lovely creations justice).

This one is crocheted by Kelly using hand-dyed, hand spun wool and its SUPER cute. Its a little birdhouse bag, and the red and orange spiral bit is actually a door that lifts up with a hole underneath that is the perfect size to fit the birds. The birds are just SO beautiful! And Zoe just adores this toy - she sits for ages putting the birds in and out, and gets so excited when she's doing it :)

This mouse was hand-stitched by my sister, using the most divine hand-dyed felt. Her shoes are just beautiful, and she has so much character!

Lastly, Zoe playing with her mouse (just ignore the strawberry stains all over her suit and face!)

I am still making her birthday quilt, but hope to get it done and get pics up in the next week or two.

Hooray for handmade goodness! Best presents ever!

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Hi! Greetings from Finland! The hand-
made toys are very nice! Have a nice day!