Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Why the Elven Garden?

Well, as a stay-at-home mum to three gorgeous little people (nearly 1, 4 and 6) and a as a science graduate who doesn't really want to return to a lab I - like so many other mums out there - had been trying to think of a way I could work from home. But not just any job. I want to love what I do, not get sick of it (like making the same thing over and over) and actually make a bit of income at the same time.

I finally convinced my other half that a sewing machine would be a great present, and decided on an Elna Elina 40SP - which was a great little machine. Much to his (and my!) surprise using my machine became a nightly ritual - often 'till ridiculous hours in the morning (which meant serious coffee overload the next day). But its safe to say I became well and truly addicted.

My sewing took over a small part of our kitchen table to start with. I would pack my machine away each night, and clear off most of my fabric and other bits and pieces. But slowly but surely over the next few months, I stopped packing it away (Oh, perhaps I could do a bit when baby is asleep/boys are playing outside/I have a few minutes to myself, etc etc). As a result we didn't really have a kitchen table for a few months there. But in April this year we bought a new house. Which had a dedicated study. Which has now become my sewing room (with a computer in it...) I found my little Elna just didn't cut it when it came to quilting so I upgraded to a Bernina 440QE - and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I think I have actually become even MORE obsessed with sewing - and have well and truly caught the quilting bug :)

The Elven Garden part? Well this is my view from my sewing room

Am I lucky or what? A few more shots of our magical garden (which really is a complete inspiration!)

And so The Elven Garden is born!

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Sew Thrifty Fi said...

Totally gorgeous garden!!