Wednesday, 21 March 2012

WIP Wednesday - Buzzing Along...

Happy hump day! I'm especially happy it's Wednesday already as I'm single parenting again this week (as I have been for one in every two weeks for the last few months - Mr Elven Garden is working interstate on a big, stressful, important engineering project.) As much as I'm used to him being away (A. Lot.) my wee babby (well 18 month old) has decided that sleep is not cool, and is waking heaps over night. And thinks 4am is a good time to play. So I'm really not coping quite as well as usual. Add to that my boys being little shits buggers  naughty things because they miss their Dad. So just a little bit over it. The dismal rainy day today isn't helping a whole lot either.

Ok enough of a whine. So what's my week been like since last Wednesday? On the sewing front, it's been goodish. 

I finished quilting this monster (sorry forgot to put up pics earlier!!)

All ready to be bound. Plus during the great fabric sort, I found the perfect pink and white stripe for binding (yay!!!) So now I'm just trying to keep motivated to finish the second one. Not loving making two quilts the same...

I started another project over the weekend - the Stained QAL. I've cut my fabrics (mammoth task) and put the first block together - on hold until I finish off both the commissioned quilts. It's such a great pattern that Sarah has designed, and I'm really looking forward to quilting it - it's going to be fun!

I've also made a really good start on my 4x5 bee blocks - should be finished off tonight. 

If you haven't already, you should head over to Lucy's blog - there's a great Stale Stash Swap happening...

WIP stats:

New projects: 2

Finished: 1 (secret project ;o) )

In progress: 5
* Swoon - completed 5/9 blocks
* Commissioned quilts - first quilt top nearly done done except binding, second one cut ready to assemble started putting together.
* Secret project Done

* Stained QAL 
* 4x5 Bee blocks
Long term WIPs: 3
* Outfoxed on the High Seas
* Fandango
* Pop garden
plus a few other abandoned projects that may never see the light of day again ;) 


Kristy QP said...

Hope you have a much better day tomorrow! It's tough when the munchkins misbehave! I have just banished mine to watch tv to give me 10 minutes of peace! :)

Your quilt looks fantastic! That will look just gorgeous with stripey binding.

Kerstin said...

I agree, the quilt looks fantastic. Hope your kiddos will be on better behavior soon and you can catch up on some sleep!

tartankiwi said...

Sleep deprivation stinks as does solo parenting, good luck making it through the rest of the week! I love the quilt that you just quilted- so so pretty!

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

The quilt looks beautiful! Think of the money if it is a commission!
My 3 year old still wakes up during the night and turns up in our bed, if it isn't him it is his 6 yr old brother calling out at 2am wanting his blanket pulled are never ending!

Kelly said...

The quilt is gorgeous! You have my full sympathy with the sleep deprivation, my 3 year old ends up in my bed at 2am most nights.

Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said...

Kids... they just KNOW. I hope they get better :( It's not easy, I've had a few weeks of it myself, and it's tough doing it ALL yourself with no break at the end of the day!

Anyway, that's a gorgeous quilt, and the stained glass block looks gorgeous!

Cherie said...

Love the quilt it looks amazing!!!! The blocks all look great too. Can't wait to see the progress updates =D

Deborah said...

Love this quilt! The stained glass blocks look so difficult. Well worth the effort! Deb.

Katy Cameron said...

Oh man, sorry the kids are getting your hump up! Love the quilt though. Good luck getting the commissions done so you can get back to your own projects :o)

Miss Beau Jangles said...

I've nominated your for the Liebster Award:

Kirsten said...

The quilt looks beautiful and I love the Stained QAL blocks- they will be wonderful in Saffron Craigs fabrics!