Sunday, 11 September 2011

Quilting on my mind....

Why is it that my camera dies just when I have lots of photos to take of quilts? Earlier this week I spent ages photographing three of my quilts, only to find when I downloaded my photos they were all perfectly focused on half, and blurry on the other half. I am pretty certain my baby girl had gotten her hand on it - and poked some fingers into the lens shutter. But I found a box of (quite dry) isowipes and I swear its never taken better photos! But tonight when I went to photograph my weekend's work the batteries died... I can't win!

So although I have had a brilliant weekend in terms of getting quilting done, I can't upload any photos (hopefully tomorrow though, depending on camera behaving and sun making an appearance). I am handstitching the binding on a new design made with Amy Butler's lotus collection. I have finished piecing a new design made with Jenean Morrison's new range Silent Cinema (which I LOVE to bits - so retro!), and have cut and started piecing a new quilt using Saffron Craig's Bird Tree range in magenta/yellow/green.

I have so many other projects in mind too - in an effort to deplete some of my stash :). I have a bundle of Heirloom by Joel Dewberry (amber colourway) that I'm itching to get into (and have a pretty good idea of the design I'm going to create). And I need to finish my quilt for my daughter using Saffron Craig's magical lands fabric. And I have a stash of urban zoologie waiting to become a lovely boys quilt. Not to mention my fat quarter bundle of Meadow Friends... Oh, plus a bundle of Amy Butler that will probably arrive on my doorstep this week sometime. Plus more I'm sure I've forgotten are there (these are just the ones I've been thinking about, well, all the time!)

I don't think its a problem, the amount of time I spend thinking about quilting (ie when I'm washing up, vaccuuming, general boring everyday tasks that need to be done but not thought about). I am either thinking about quilting, blogging about quilting or wishing I had more hours in the day to actually do more quilting. I think its safe to say I have a hardcore obsession.

Do I have enough fabric? Most definitely. Does that stop me crushing on all the other beautiful ranges out there? Most definitely not. Did I just order a huge bundle of Children at Play by Sarah Jane? Most definitely. And I am SO excited about getting it - the prints are just so gorgeous, and I have some great ideas about what I will do with it.

I'd love to know what you're working on at the moment, and what fabrics you have in your stash. Just don't make me too jealous - I don't think my other half would appreciate me spending more money on fabric just at the moment...

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