Thursday, 25 May 2017

Ice Cream Soda Quilt {Month 3}

Another month, another lot of Ice Cream Soda quilt blossoms! I'm still surprised that I'm 'keeping up' with this block of the month (created by Jodi at Tales of Cloth) - although I'm not making a conscious effort to get all my blossoms made before the next lot of papers arrive, it has worked out that way so far. Having said that, I've doubled my order for month four (I have a grand plan I'll talk about later in this post), and I'm pretty certain I won't get 16 done this month with everything else I have going on.... but we will see! This is how my blocks are looking at the moment (minus one - I need to get a good group photo!) Not totally balanced colour-wise, but I have lots of time to work on that little problem. 

I've been using Aurifil 80wt for pretty much all of my piecing for these blossoms. I think I've mentioned it before, but it is SUCH a revelation for hand piecing. I'm finding if I use an arm-length strand (not longer), it's stitching beautifully without breaking (even though I do put a fair bit of tension on my stitches). And the stitches are virtually invisible. I purchased the Essential Aurifil Applique set from Fat Quarter Shop earlier this year, and I'm finding this set of neutrals are meeting all my needs, even though I'm using a huge variety of colours and values in this quilt.

I'm continuing with the fussy cut animal theme, although I am starting to make a few blocks that are just fussy cut (without the animal cute factor). I'm not sure about this one yet - but in among all the others, it works so I'm pretty sure it will make it into the final quilt.

These two blocks were a bit of an experiement - I used the same Tula Pink print for the middle round, and varied the outer and inner prints. I'm amazed how different they look - and it's made me realise I'll easily be able to repeat fabrics in this quilt without it looking like I have.

I've been having a lot of fun using this radiating stripe print from Heather Bailey's True Colours collection. I love the movement it gives, and how different it looks depending on where it's placed in the blossoms.

This month, I'm going to make a set of low contrast/low volume blossoms with the idea that my quilt might 'fade out' around the edges. We will see how it goes with my month 4 update in a few weeks ;o).

xx Jess


Kristin said...

The one one aren't sure about is one of my favorites!! :)

the momma said...

these are all so fabulous! And so meticulously cut and sewn. beautiful!!

happy stitching ~ Tracy

tirane93 said...

pretties! each one of those blocks are a work of art.

write assignment for me said...

Oh my God! Your work and patterns and color combination is just so perfect. So neatly placed and sewn. I love to look at them and wish you good luck for more ideas

Julie said...

I have just started my very first block today, Hopefully I get it finished tonight. Your fussy cutting is fabulous, and matching those centre diamonds, those will be a big learning curve for me.

Twisted Sticks said...

Your blocks are gorgeous. I keep wanting to do something like this! I have been working on a small scale EPP project and I know how difficult it is to keep at it. I have been working on it for months, and it isn't even fussy cut! Congrats on a beautiful job.

Sandi said...

Your blocks are so great and colourful Jess. This is the first time I have visited your blog. Just beautiful.