Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Free Motion QAL - Maze Quilting

I'm back this week with another FMQ video tutorial as part of the Free Motion QAL. A huge thanks to all of you who gave me feedback on my first video a few weeks ago - as a complete newbie to this video thing, it was really valuable for me to hear your thoughts on how helpful it was. Your response was overwhelmingly positive - so I will keep these videos coming even once we have finished the QAL :o)

This week I'm demonstrating how I do my Maze quilting design.

I would really appreciate your feedback again this week. I'm not sure how easy it is to see how I'm quilting this design - so if you have any issues with it at all please let me know and I'll do another one. I had a few questions about what fabric and thread combination I'm using on this quilt - the fabric is Cotton Couture from Polka Dot Tea fabrics, and the thread is 50wt Aurifil (colours chosen to blend with the fabric as much as possible).

I realise I've been pretty quiet on the blog over the last few months. I've been working pretty solidly on a string of several (secret) commission projects, but I do have a few finishes I can share with you, so I'll be back in a few days with an actual quilty finish :o)

xx Jess


Hettie's Mum said...

Awesome videos Jess. Very helpful to me as a relatively new quilter. I love how you seem so calm and patient!

Renee said...

I think the video is great, but it would help a lot to see a photograph of the quilting or pattern to get a better idea of how it looks when finished. Maybe you could put one in this post, or link to it?

Jackie said...

Another great job! I understand the methodology and the execution after watching the video. I could see well and hear well. I'm surprised at how slow you go but can clearly see how that results in more control and precision. I need to slow down to get the results I want!

Great job!

Lisa J. said...

Once again very clear instruction. I also would like to see a picture of the quilting design as this one is a little harder to see. I think because it is on dark fabric.

Lisa J. said...

Me again. Thanks for sharing the photo. It wasn't there all along was it. I'm very excited to say that I have started quilting the echo shells on my Gian Chevron quilt and they are coming along quite nicely thanks to the great tutorial.

smileynann said...

This opened up my mind to new possibilities - I never would have thought of doing something like this with fmq! But it really would be cumbersome to do with a walking foot, wouldn't it? Thanks so much for the cool quilting ideas - I love to listen to your explanations!
Natalie from the States :)