Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Owls and Spots Baby Quilt

I have had this quilt top finished for a month or so, and rather than finish it off I started a couple of other quilts.

Whoops! I now have two part-pieced quilts on the go, another quilt top ready to quilt, and a birthday quilt to start for my friend's daughter who turns 3 in a couple of weeks. And now I've written it all down I feel quite overwhelmed... I guess I'll just knuckle down and get it done (its a good thing its something I love, hey?)

Anyhoo, I was really undecided about how to quilt it - and even when I was half-way through quilting this one I had a bit of a panic attack and seriously wondered if it was going to look ok. But once I'd finished it and bound it I changed my mind - I really love it! The texture looks great - the lines are uneven widths in the most part, and some are wavy (which was deliberate... although my other-half's first comment was "but some of them aren't straight! and they're all different widths!", which kind of didn't set my heart at ease :/) - but I think it suits the fabric. And I love how it looks on the back of the quilt too.

This one is available for purchase here.

happy stitching!

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Robin said...

Oooo! So fun! I love how this design allows you to feature those fun prints. And the quilting is awesome.