Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Fresh Sewing Day - May

When I started writing this post I was thinking I pretty much had nothing to show for April. But I do have a few bits and pieces to show for this month - there's just a bit of behind the scenes stuff (like a ridiculous number of curved pieces cut and partially sewn for my Retro Flowers quilt and an almost finished iPad case) that happened too.

The first week or so of April was taken up making my sushi quilt (pattern testing for the extremely talented Sonja of Artisania). Then I had a mojo failure for a while, and regained a bit of momentum - well, enough to get my rainbow trail mini finished (finally!!) and to quilt my Outfoxed on the High Seas quilt. Since then I've been madly cutting my fabrics for the Retro Flowers QAL and I've stitched up one flower (plus a few flowers worth of curves). My other to-do-firsts for April didn't even get a look in unfortunately, but they are still on the back burner somewhere...

So my to-do-first list for May:
1. Retro Flowers/My Precious QAL - combined into one quilt - such a cunning plan ;o)
2. Designer challenge for Fat Quarterly (by next week, eeek! Still no inspiration for this one!)
3. Design a block for the Desperate Housewives QAL - really need to do this soon (like by next week)
4. Zakka Style sew along projects - if my book ever arrives!

This is probably enough for May - I've decided to do my Retro Flowers 5x5 instead of 4x4, with a wider border (or possibly even a couple of borders), so we can use it on our bed. I don't think it'll be a full queen sized quilt, but I'm hoping it will finish at about 80" square. At the rate I'm going with getting it sewn, I'm thinking it will take all month.

I'm linking up to Fresh Sewing Day at Lily's Quilts.

Lily's Quilts
xx Jess


Nicky said...

Love you quilt top right! Absolutely stunning!

Kelly said...

Gorgeous stuff though, it's qualioty not quantity!!

Jennifer said...

Jess - I did 5x5 for the retro flowers and without borders it measures 60x60 just so you have that knowledge and a heads up!

Heather D. said...

Funny how so often we don't think we've accomplished very much until we look back! Your projects are all amazing, Jess.

Katy Cameron said...

Well 2 quilts was hardly slacking ;o) I love the sushi one :o)

Jenelle said...

The Sushi quilt looks awesome. :) I also remember seeing your Outfoxed on the High Seas quilt during the Festival of HSTs and just loving the design and color movement in it. Lovely work this month!

Cherie said...

Some great little finishes there! I'll be patiently waiting to see what you get up to this month =D

Ella said...

I'm behind in the Zakka (haven't gotten any done yet). I love your quilts!

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

I love that block on the top left. What's it called? I'm searching for ideas for my month in a bee.

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Beautiful finishes Jess! Well done!

Deborah said...

Lovely finishes!!!

Amanda said...

I really like your rainbow snail trail. It is a cool way of putting it together.

Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said...

Any idea when she's releasing the sushi pattern?! I want to make it for our new Japanese house!! ;)

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